How to reset macbook pro to factory settings without disc

how to reset macbook pro to factory settings without cd 1. Make a backup then press the Command, Option and r keys while your computer is starting. 2. Open D.. You can create a bootable USB drive (here are instructions for Yosemite, El Capitan, or older systems) from your iMac, then boot into it on your MacBook Pro using the Option key. Select the disk from the menu, select your language, then choose Disk Utility from the Utility drop-down menu and proceed to reformat it to the right settings I am selling my MacBook Pro and want to totally factory reset it so none of my things pop up. How do i do this without the disc Question: How can I perform a factory settings reset without a disk to a MacBook? If a hard drive is installed inside of the computer: You can reboot to macOS.

That's all it takes to factory reset your MacBook Pro! It's a simple process and shouldn't give you any problems. By following the steps outlined above, you can factory reset your MacBook without worrying about losing your data or passing on your personal information to the next owner Now if you have to sell your Macbook it's ready to go. You have successfully backed up your data and also removed all the data from hard disk and reset the MacBook to default factory settings. Now if you were resetting the Macbook pro for resale, it's ready Performing a factory reset on your MacBook or Mac can solve many macOS problems, and is essential if you're selling. Here's how to reset a Mac, whether it's an iMac, Mac mini or MacBook. This. This wikiHow teaches you how to reset your MacBook Pro's NVRAM and battery settings, as well as how to wipe your MacBook Pro and restore it to its factory settings. Resetting a Mac's NVRAM can help fix errors in things like your battery's display, while battery settings can be reset if your Mac is frequently overheating or crashing

The version of macOS offered by macOS Recovery might vary in some cases: If macOS Sierra 10.12.4 or later has never been installed on this Mac, Option-Command-R installs the macOS that came with your Mac, or the closest version still available. And Shift-Option-Command-R isn't available. If you erased your entire disk instead of just the startup volume on that disk, macOS Recovery might offer. Here's how to factory reset your apple macbook without the disc so it's ready to sell or just back to factory settings for any reason.Hope this helps.The vib.. I was recommended a 'clean install' (reset to factory defaults) by a user here to improve the speed of my MacBook Pro.However, attempting to follow the instructions provided (Figure 2), I am told that I cannot do so (Figure 1). How do I proceed? I intend to bring my computer to the Apple Store to get the battery serviced and upgrade from 4 GB to 8 GB RAM, as two here recommended for El Capitan 2020 UPDATED VIDEO: https://youtu.be/fLT5aMNsQ1Q SUSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/Zb4PpL How to restore your Mac back to it's factory settings with Yosemite OS X.. To factory reset your MacBook or iMac without losing data, you can first back up your Mac, then reset your Mac, and last recover your files from the backup. Each procedure is detailed below. Follow to see how to factory reset your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, etc. on macOS Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, or earlier operating systems with ease now

If you are resetting your Macbook to factory settings, all applications (except for the ones that came with the Mac) will be erased, including your MS Office (Word). However, if you have the original disk, or product key card for online download, or it is linked to your Microsoft account, you can reinstall it once you factory reset your Macbook Im selling a macbook 2010 with a 10.6.8 snow leopard OS, but im not being able to find a way to reset the laptop to factory settings, so that there is no data passed on Step 2.Erase your MacBook Pro's hard drive. When the Recovery Mode Utilities window shows up, pick Disk Utility and click Continue.Select your main hard drive usually called Macintosh HD.. Click the Erase button on top ribbon of Disk Utility to start erasing your hard drive for factory reset MacBook Pro. When it is done, close the application by clicking Disk Utility and then Quit Disk Utility That's it on How to Factory Reset MacBook Pro and wipe any data from your disk. Though the steps might seem vast and elaborate, it is not that difficult if you just walk through the Factory Reset MacBook Pro steps one at a time. Some steps like back up or cloning your drive is not necessary, provided you do not need your data Question: Q: restore macbook to original factory settings How do i restore my macbook to its original factory settings? I dont have a disk but to my understanding i don't need one, and i can do with out it. can anyone help with this

Step-by-Step Guide to Reset MacBook/MacBook Air/MacBook Pro to Factory Settings This guide also works for MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook. Please remember to plug in your laptop and make sure it has connected WIFI properly before you perform the followings steps How To Restore A Macbook Air To Factory Settings Without Disk | Reset Macbook Pro Any Version | 2018 In this youtube video tutorial I show you How To Restore..

How to Reset Macbook Pro to Factory Settings without CD

  1. Note: This guide is relevant to Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. The ultimate checklist to factory reset MacBook Pro Step 1. Back up your data. When you factory reset MacBook Pro, all the information you have on your hard drive is wiped off. That's why you need to create a backup to save your important files and data
  2. I recently got a new Macbook Pro and am giving my old 2007 refurbished Macbook to a friend. It is running Leopard. I want to reset it to factory settings, format it, delete everything - you get it. I don't think I have a ~disk~ that people are referring to in other forums, and I've tried to do..
  3. How to reset a Mac without the password. In this article we show how to get around this problem and restore the Mac to its factory settings even if you haven't got MacBook Air 2020.
  4. How to Reset Mac to Factory Settings. This reset and restore method is the same with every Mac computer out there, including iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro, as long as the Mac is running a somewhat modern version of Mac OS system software with recovery mode support
  5. Without erasing the contents of your computer, you could potentially open yourself up to identity theft. Another reason to reset your Mac to factory settings is it may just be getting too slow because of many years of use. You may find that you've run out of disk space if your computer speed is lagging
  6. You want to permanently erase all content from your Mac and restore it to factory settings. This is one of the final steps before selling, giving away, or trading in your Mac. You're changing the format of a disk, such as from a PC format (FAT, ExFAT, or NTFS) to a Mac format (APFS or Mac OS Extended)
  7. Reset Mac to Factory Settings. First, user needs to empty the MacBook before factory resetting it, and selling it away. To erase the hard drive on a MacBook or Mac totally, a third party app would be required for the highest functionality

How to Reformat Mac OS X Without a Recovery Disc or Drive

Restoring your Mac to its factory settings will erase all your data from the hard drive, as well as your preferences and customized settings. You can fix a number of technical issues by restoring. I'm giving away my early 2011 Macbook pro to another family member and wish to restore it back to factory settings, to clear out the hard drive and make them feel like they're getting a brand new mac . It is currently running Mavericks 10.9.1 and I have the install disks that came when I bought it for Snow Leopard 10.6.6 How to factory reset a MacBook Pro, and when to do it. While on iOS there is a Reset option under Settings, Look under the heading Internal to find your startup disk How to reset MacBook Pro to factory settings without losing data. When iMac is restored to factory settings, all saved information gets deleted. Therefore, to save important data from being deleted backup is must. Once can take manual backup of all files and apps by copying them to external drive or can use iCloud How to Reset a Mac: Factory reset a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro By Andrew E. Freedman 05 May 2020 Here is how to reset your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro and restore macOS to its original stat

Restoring an iMac is very easy in fact, if it's not too old device, even if no restoration disk. If you have no restoration disk, it is possible to restore your Mac over the internet. It should work for almost Mac (iMac, Macbook, Mac mini) produced since about Mid-2010 If your Windows PC does not boot, crashes, or you simply want to clean it up, you may be interested in restoring its factory settings.If you do not have the Windows CD/DVD to format, reinstall, and repair XP, Vista, Windows 7, or even Windows 8, this process may be slightly complicated Using the OS X Recovery tools, you can completely wipe your hard drive and reinstall the operating system without using a disk. You can remove all of your applications, settings and data using a.

Part 3: How to Restore Mac to Factory Settings without Losing Data? Sometimes you may need to restore to factory setting simply to reinstall MacOS and do not want to lose any data on the computer. Here is how you go about it: 1. Restart Mac in Recovery Mode Restart the computer and long-press the CMD + R buttons until you see the Apple logo Here is a must-do checklist for you to prepare your Mac for factory reset. 1. Create a backup. It is essential for you to have an up-to-date backup of your important files and data before you reset a Mac. Don't restore the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro or Mac mini to factory settings without a backup copy of important files How to Reset a Mac to a Factory Settings 1. Backup your Data. Before going through the guide, you have to keep in mind that the factory reset will remove and erase all the data of the partition. The recovering is also hard to take back the erased data. Therefore, you have to back the data on your Mac so that you should access once your Mac is. Hello friend, Today I will tell you a method to Wipe a Mac to Factory settings. Users can clean MacBook Pro or any MacOS easily. You don't need any CD or any external device. This method will wipe all the data from Mac OS and users can use MacBook from starting as they bought new. Users will be able to do Factory setting by an easy method A factory reset is also the best way to prepare your old computer for a new owner to make sure no leftover data falls into the wrong hands. Whatever the reason, here's how to wipe everything and.

How do I reset my MacBook Pro to factory settings without

I have an older MacBook Pro (macOS 10.13.3) and need to know how to do a factory reset. Factory resetting the mac or MacBook is quite easy. With a few steps, you can restore the factory settings Is there a way of restoring a MacBook Pro to it's factory settings without a disc? I want all files deleted and it to basically be like I just received it from Apple. I know you can do it with Del The best way to restore your Mac to factory settings is to erase your hard drive and reinstall macOS. After macOS installation is complete, the Mac restarts to a setup assistant that asks you to choose a country or region. To leave the Mac in an out-of-box state, don't continue setup. Instead, press Command-Q to shut down the Mac How to wipe your old MacBook and restore factory settings before selling it. Selling you old MacBook is a great way to get some extra cash in your pocket and also offload an older device you're no.

How to perform a factory settings reset without a disk to

While MacBook is one of the finest machines that usually don't get hiccups, but if you ever had to hard reset your MacBook Pro or Air running OSX, it's easy. Though, I would warn you that when you hard reset MacBook Pro or Air to factory settings (without disc), it will wipe clean everything Mac is designed with a built-in recovery disk, after restoring MacBook to factory settings, it can help you reinstall macOS. But before you erase Mac, make sure you back up all important files. Now you can take the guide to restore your MacBook Pro to factory settings. Part 1. How to back up Mac; Part 2. How to Restore MacBook Pro for. My 2008 Leopard MacBook has become very slow after 4 years of college and until I can afford a new computer I want to clear all the crap off it and start afresh. However I seem to have misplaced the discs so I'm looking at what the best way is to get it back to functioning levels. I've seen a..

How to Factory Reset a MacBook Pro - Tech Junki

Before you factory reset MacBook Pro, make sure that all of your files are backed up elsewhere. Resetting MacBook Pro to factory settings will wipe out all of the data on your Mac hard drive. Use below method to factory reset your MacBook Pro only after backing up all files, or you'd better try Mac data recovery software to recover all your lost data Note: This guide is relevant to Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. So without further ado, 9 steps to reset mac to factory settings. 1- Clone Your Hard Disk Before You Reset MacBook. When you reset your mac, all the information and data you have on your hard drive gets wiped off. So, you need to create a backup Part 1: How to reset Mac to factory settings; Part 2: Know NVRAM, SMC and PRAM before resetting a Mac; Part 1: How to reset Mac to factory settings. Actually, it's quite easy to factory reset Mac by erasing data. Then you can use the built-in recovery disk to reinstall macOS. This part will tell you how to reset a Mac to factory settings I want to reboot/ restore to the factory settings but I don't have a disk nor do I think it came with one. I believe the computer has a virus and system restore does not help--I just want everything to go back to how it was when I first bought it; I do not need any of the documents on it

Reset Your Mac To Factory Settings Without Disc - OS X

How to Reset MacBook Pro to default factory settings

When you reset your Mac to factory settings you are essentially performing a series of low-level operations behind the scenes. The main two things that occur are a full hard drive format and a reinstallation of macOS / Mac OS X. A format of the hard drive will erase all data on the hard drive and remove it from your iMac, MacBook Pro or Mac Mini If you reset your Mac back to factory status, the only apps it downloads are what came installed on it when shipped from the factory-so it would not include Final Cut or Logic Pro. However, since those apps are tied to your Apple ID (or the Apple ID of the person who purchased them for this Mac), you are able to re-download those apps from the App Store, as long as it is signed in with the.

How do I reset my MacBook Pro to factory settings without

How To Factory Reset & Wipe A Mac Or MacBook - Including

Part 2: Steps to Reset Windows 7 Computer without Installation Disk/ Disc. After you back up the data in your Windows 7 that will do a factory reset, now go ahead to try to use System Restore in Safe Mode to factory reset Windows 7 without a CD, please walk through the in-depth tutorials to get the answer There are a number of reasons that you may want to reset your MacBook Pro to its factory settings. Perhaps you're selling it and want to wipe your data off of it. Maybe it's infected with a virus. Maybe it's not working properly. Here's how to send your MacBook Pro back to square one: Step 1.. Here are two simple ways to reset Windows 10 back to factory settings without an installation disk. This can help fix several Windows 10 problems like Windows being too slow, blue scree, viruses, full C drive and other related issues

3 Ways to Reset a MacBook Pro - wikiHo

If you want to factory reset a MacBook but find it failing to go on erasing your main hard drive. Then you can use the following instruction to reset password in macOS recovery mode. 1. Turn off your Mac. 2. Press the Power button while hold.. Hard Reset is to restore your Mac to its factory settings, therefore you can feel that your Mac gets much more faster after hard resetting. There is one important thing to do before performing hard reset is to make a back-up file. Please make a back-up file, if you want to keep your data. All of your data will be erased Data Recovery from MacBook after Factory Reset. Updated on June 22, 2020. A factory reset doesn't mean your data is lost permanently. Remo Recover makes it possible to recover files after factory reset on Mac in the simplest & most straight forward way. Download this tool to recover documents, images, videos or any file after factory reset on. Factory Resetting Your MacBook Air. Once you've backed up your user data to either Time Machine or the backup application of your choice, it's time to factory reset your Macbook Air. This process can help you solve most sorts of bugs and problems with your Macbook, including issues with slowdowns, freezing applications

How to reinstall macOS from macOS Recovery - Apple Suppor

How do I reset or restore a Windows 7 PC to factory settings? As we all know, Windows 7 doesn't have the built-in refresh and reset options like Windows 8/8.1 and you have no other way to restore your computer to factory settings unless you have a manufacturer-provided install media or recovery disc All these steps will teach you how to reset your MacBook Pro without losing your data. I am sure that if you successfully follow these steps, you can reset your Mac to the factory settings. After you are done with resetting, it is the time to restore your files from the backup you made earlier. Step 3: Restore Your Files From The Back-Up Done. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION COMMAND + R IS GONNA TAKE YOU TO UTILITIES, THEN FOLLOW AS INSTRUCTED. THIS IS FOR MAC RUNNING 10.7.5 OR LATER. Easy steps to fol..

OSX Yosemite Reset Factory Default - YouTube

Factory Reset apple macbook without disc to sell - YouTub

How to Wipe MacBook Pro and Restore to Factory Settings. For various reasons, you will have the need to wipe MacBook Pro and reset it to factory settings. For instance, you may plan to sell or give it to a family member, donate it or bring it back to the original condition A factory reset of your MacBook is recommended if you are transferring ownership of the computer, The process completely restores the laptop to its factory, out-of-the-box settings and clears all data -- including software, How to Reset a MacBook Without a Disk . How to Clear My Old MacBook How do I reset my Macbook Pro (Retina 2012) to factory settings without the disc? My mom recently spent nearly 2 grand on a used Macbook, and we have been having a little trouble with it. First of all, the seller hasn't released the password for the computer so we cannot install any new programs, or edit any settings If you mean that you want to restart your MacBook without disks this cannot be done without your Mac OS install disk. Macbook is there a way to get it to reset it's settings to factory. My father was the original owner of this macbook pro model number A1278 in 2010. He has since passed away and i need to restore back to factory settings however i have no password or disc. when i power it on it takes me to password input screen with his name i dont know if their are any other users i need to know how i can get past the password scree

How to Factory Reset 2010 MacBook Pro fro - Apple Communit

Reboot to Recovery Mode by holding ⌘-R at boot, use Disk Utility there to format the disk, then reinstall. This will do a clean install of Yosemite. If you mean by factory settings the original system which came with the computer, it's similar, but you have to use Internet Recovery, also explained in the link above When do you need to reset SSD to factory default? What is SSD Secure Erase? The tool for Secure Erase SSD drives. How to reset any SSD to factory settings by Secure Erase? Summary. When do you need to reset SSD to factory default? Many users have installed Windows 10/8/7 on a solid-state drive (SSD) to get better read/write speed and boot speed If you still have the install discs for your Macbook you can reinstall the operating system (essentially a factory reset). If you want to ensure your data is completely removed from your computer, you can run disk utility prior to running the installation and erase the hard drive and then zero out the entire hard drive with the security options found there -- this can take a long time, fyi How to Factory Reset Mac. With all important files securely backed up, you can begin the factory reset process. Plug in your MacBook into the AC adapter, turn it on, and press and hold the Command key and the letter R. You should see the Apple logo appear on the screen, which is your clue that you may release them

How To Restore An Ibook G4 To Factory Settings (HD) | Doovi4-Digits Apple EFI Firmware Password Removal USB ToolVerification Failed Error Connecting to Apple ID Server

I did not receive a disk when I first go my macbook pr laptop. I want to restore it back to factory settings. I want to back up my files- I already know how to do that- and then completely get rid of everything I don't want by wiping it and then restoring it. so can someone please tell me how to do this without a lion or mountain lion disk because i never received a disk Welcome to our guide on how to reset a MacBook Pro. If your MacBook Pro is performing very slowly or you want to sell it or give it to someone else, you may want to reset it to factory conditions How To Reset Your Password Without A System Disk or-if you have a newer non-optical disk machine like a Macbook-with You'll have to go through the entire process of setting up your.

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